Corporate Branding

A strong brand connects people to your product through

Branding is the new flavour

Over time, people start to make decisions in more complex ways. The flavour of the food is no longer enough, the brain evaluates the memories and experience attached to the food as well.

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Brand it your way

At Kryst, we believe that good designs comes from good communication between the designer and the client. We want to help you create your brand as you see fit!

Creates Brand Awareness

Every positive aspect of a brand’s image will be etched on people’s minds, and used later to recognise a specific brand in a sea of competitors. Customers will be able to associate positive brand experiences with the company’s visual identity. The company’s unique logo and its positive interactions with customers will become unified in people’s minds, and it will make the brand more memorable.


Simple package to meet your branding & rebranding needs. If you need more or less, you can always ask us for a seperate quote!

Plan Ahead

A complete brand book sets the corporate identity and allows application of branding assets onto every medium, with consistency and ease. A solid corporate identity is also a solid bridge connecting businesses with potential customers and partners.


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  • Logo Design
  • Different Concepts
  • Variations
  • Revisions



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  • Everything in Startup +
  • Name Card Design,
  • Basic Branding Guidelines:
  • Typography
  • Color Scheme
  • Design Elements



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  • Everything in Standard +
  • Full Branding Guidelines:
  • Design Elements
  • Typography
  • Color Scheme
  • Corporate Collaterals Concept

Don’t Just Settle for Prints. 
Take Your Brand to the Next Level.