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Strategy & Technology Consulting
Virtual CTO

Competitive Bespoke Thinking. Understanding Needs. Delivering Results_

Advancing Business
with Technology Innovation

Yeahyag collaborates with Kryst Digital to launch Korea’s 1st Restaurant Reservation Web and App.

Competitive Agility

Our Virtual CTO & Consulting service is designed to assist startups and SMEs in strategising, implementing, measuring and maintaining all aspects of IT infrastructures to ensure that IT systems are functioning with maximum performance, accuracy, reliability, and security.

Business and Technology

Align your business objectives with applied technologies to enhance efficiency, productivity and relevance. We reduce redundancies and align your priorities according to the principles of Agile Development.

User Data

Analyze invaluable data and user behaviors through your website and mobile apps to allow your business to better segmentise and retarget contents and business strategies.

Data Protection

We assess your data systems and ensure strict compliance with applicable legislations such as PDPA and GDPR.

Platform Advisory Services

Don’t let your legacy systems slow you down or stifle growth. Pivot wisely to new technology and differentiating capabilities while modernizing your legacy IT for competitive advantage.

Partner with us to apply new technology to address some of your biggest business challenges and opportunities, helping you grow your core business and build new offerings.

Technology Advisory Services

If you’re wondering what the right technology platform is for your business, Kryst can help assess your needs, create the right technology strategy and provide a roadmap for the journey.

Concept Validation

With our experience and expertise, we study, evaluate and and eliminate uncertainties. Our Strategy Team will work closely with your management to conclude a clear plan that would be commissionable to your target user personas.

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