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Technology Consulting for Businesses

Technology will never stop evolving, it’s the nature of the beast. So having an innovation advisor on your side is vital: to tailor a strategy that fits, and to uncover the right tech for your toughest business problems — no matter the industry. 

Our technology consulting services help you steer your transformation with the latest technology, design thinking and agility, while also energizing your legacy systems — at a pace that’s right for your business.

Technology Consulting &
Virtual CTO

Competitive Bespoke Thinking. Understanding Needs. Delivering Results. 

Advancing Business with Technology Innovation

We enable startups and businesses through digital and data-centric practices while maintaining cost-effectiveness, business scalability and long-term sustainability. 

Executives Share:

Less than 10% of digital initiatives have created the value expected

  • We know how technology and digital trends are transforming your environment. We’ll uncover where the real value exists for you
  • Then together we’ll capture it. Our track record? A 25x average return on our fees.


is the biggest variant between digital leaders and average-performers

Competitive agility

Our Virtual CTO & Technology Consulting services are designed to assist startups and SMEs in strategising, implementing, measuring and maintaining all aspects of IT infrastructures to ensure that IT systems are functioning with maximum performance, accuracy, reliability, and security.

Business & Technology

Align your business objectives with applied technologies to enhance efficiency, productivity and relevance. We reduce redundancies and align your priorities according to the principles of agile development.

User Data

Analyze invaluable date and user behaviours through your website and mobile apps to allow your business to better segmentise and retarget contents and business strategies.

Data Protection

We asses your data systems and ensure strict compliance with applicable legislations such as PDPA and GDPR.

Technology Advisory Services

If you’re wondering what the right technology platform is for your business, Kryst can help assess your needs, create the right technology strategy and provide a roadmap for the journey.

Concept Validation

With our experience and expertise, we study evaluate and eliminate uncertainties. Our strategy Team will work closely with your management to conclude a clear plan that would be commisionable to your target user personas.

Platform Advisory Services

Don’t let your legacy systems slow you down or stifle growth. Pivot wisely to new technology and differentiating capabilities while modernizing your legacy IT for competitive advantage.

You don’t add digital.
You become digital.

  • Building a new product, a new business or a full IT transformation? Capturing long-term value always means changing your core.
  • We help you navigate the complexities of today’s business environment. And we build bridges across your organization so bold ideas become real value.

Over 60%

of digital targets can be achieved within 3 years.

Working with the best