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Kryst Digital: Full-Service Digital Media Agency​

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In today’s digital landscape, many businesses have gone digital and traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective as before.

As we shift towards a digitalized society, the majority of consumers are actively communicating through their smartphones, which what used to be carried out through simpler means like desktops and laptops. The need for building a strong and robust digital presence has since risen then.

A massive portion of consumers relies on Google or preferred search engines to get an immediate answer, just by typing a simple query or searching for specific keywords. Everything you need is just a click away with the aid of these search engines.

So is your business a click away from people finding you? It mainly boils down to the strength of your digital presence, based on multiple factors, some of which are SEO, social media presence and paid advertising.

There are two ways to handle these different channels to increase your digital presence.

  • You can hire a full-service digital media agency, or
  • You can hire multiple niche agencies.

So which is the better option? Hiring a full-service digital media agency or hiring multiple niche agencies?

To understand which is the better option, we will explain the difference between the two options.

Hiring Multiple Niche Agencies

As the title implies, a niche agency is one that specializes in one area—E.g. Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s break it down into what constitutes when running a business.

We will need the following essential services to run a business effectively:

  1. Website content, copywriting
  2. Website design and development
  3. Social media accounts; Facebook and Instagram
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Let’s assume that you require the above-mentioned services. As a business owner, you’d have to hire four to five different agencies that specialize in these various fields.

What happens in most cases would be the lack of communication with the different digital media agencies that may affect the consistency of how your business portrays out to be. This situation is common when your business requires multiple services. You would have to be in contact with the several digital media agencies, addressing different issues and often not, lead to complications and confusions. This, on the whole, affects the effectiveness that you wish to bring about when running your business.

Let’s take a look at an example. You decide to hire an agency which specializes in Facebook advertising and another agency that specializes in Instagram advertising. It will be your job and duty to advise the individual agencies on what your requirements and expectations are. This, in turn, will result in inconsistency and different results. Managing the two agencies may seem easy, but may not be ideal when managing multiple agencies back and forth daily.

When something happens to your website, you would not have any idea of which agency you’d have to contact for assistance. The lack of communication between these multiple agencies can prove to be detrimental in effectively running your business or operations.

Hiring a Full-Service Digital Media Agency​

A full-service digital media agency manages every aspect of your businesses’ digital presence. A full-service digital media agency has different departments that specialize in different areas. E.g. One department for website content, design, development and SEO, another department on social media management.

There will be effective communication across the various departments, and this helps put forth strategic and aligned goals when providing their services for your business. In short, a full-service digital media agency will understand how you’d like to run your business, understanding your business operations and effectively coming up with plans to help optimize your business flow.

A start-up would generally need an eye-catching and user-friendly scalable design which will be handled by the UI and UX team. When it comes to developing your website, communications are actively kept across the departments to ensure coordination is in check to produce outcomes that you desire.

The best part would be only to have to communicate with just a single digital media agency. No hassle involved. Rather than spending time communicating with multiple agencies, having just a single digital media agency allows you to focus on other areas of your business.

Full-Service Digital Media Agency Is The Way To Go

Needless to say, a full-service digital media agency is ideal in the long run as they would operate alongside with you, understanding your needs and requirements to keep your business up to date with the latest technologies and trends.

Kryst Digital is a full-service digital media agency and have built success stories through the years with partners and companies over the years.

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